Numb toes

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15 May 2016
numb toes or paresthesia is the result of diseases that affect the blood vessels supplying blood or feet (and) nerves.Tingling numbness in the fingers recalls.
numbness and tingling occur mainly in certain parts of the skin, and in most cases they are observed together with the contracting, chill or burning.
tingling, numbness associated with the toes (and hands) are the result of short-term nerve pinching.
Despite the fact that the numb toes are harmless nature of the signal pressing the nerve, yet with frequent attacks should always consult a doctor.Consultation latter is vital when added to the weakness tingling, pain, numbness, or embarrassment.Dangerous situation, when numbness and impaired coordination.If your toes do not feel the temperature of the water (cold or warm it is), you need to get an appointment with a neurologist.
numbness of the toes occurs in diseases such:
- diabetes;
- pathology of arteries and nerves;
- sciatica;
- polyneuropathy;
- multiple sclerosis;
- lumbar stenosis;
- frostbite;
- osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine;
- Raynaud's Disease (Raynaud's phenomenon);
- intervertebral hernia lumbosacral spine;
- tunnel syndrome;
- angiopathy of different origin;
- a tumor of the peripheral root (nerve);
- transient ischemic attack;
- rheumatoid arthritis;
- occlusive disease;
- microstroke.
problem numb toes to help resolve the following doctors:
1. Neurologist;
2. Angiology;
3. Neurosurgeon;
4. Therapist;
5. Vascular surgeon.
If the numb toes, do not forget about the problem, as it can significantly harm your health.Despite the fact that the data discomfort inconsequential at first glance, to be understood that they may be a symptom rather serious disease.If you do not initially find the true cause of numbness in the toes, with the treatment time may be impossible.
Do not be lazy to be surveyed and consult your doctor, even if you go numb toes.Remember that a healthy body is to be a healthy mind!