Why can not you sleep on your stomach?

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15 May 2016
Many of us have heard that sleeping on the stomach is very bad, but to explain what is the harm that can not be.Around the question of whether or not harmful to sleep on your stomach, there are many opinions, doctors push the whole theory.Is there really a threat to our health from the fact that we sleep on your stomach, and we will try to understand.
Here that on this occasion said one of the doctors.
Sleeping on the stomach - is a kind of time bomb.Taking the position "lying on his stomach," we witness to the fact that we totally do not care for their health.It turns out that the bad posture affects the genitals, but the cardiovascular system begins to work differently, in such a position, we are causing harm to our stomach, intestine and 12 tiperstnoj intestine.
harmful effects on the body accumulates and appears gradually, and in a hidden form.And when our body becomes very ill, and the disease manifests itself, we can not say with certainty what is the cause of a disease.The doctor as
signs us a whole heap of all medicines we take them properly, and the disease for some time retreats, but not for long, and we continue to sleep on my stomach, and this habit we have not discouraged or prohibited.
Why can not you sleep on your stomach?
Pose, in which we laid on the abdomen, this is the posture that threatens the person does not wake up.From one such idea it is somehow not on itself.But, alas, it is.In a typical human sleep posture, the chest is expanded human and normal breathing is not obstructed, it is normal, because the lungs are filled with air freely.Pose a sleeping man in the stomach gives the opposite effect.Flattened the chest while sleeping on your stomach is not straightened, so the air that is in peredavlennyh light is not updated.For young people it is not a threat, but the elderly have much to ponder, because each such a dream may be the last.
next reason why you can not sleep on my stomach: lying in this position, we turn the head either to the left or to the right.Is not it?So, in this situation there is an overlapping of the common carotid artery, and if the sleeping man a second artery functioning poorly, while sleep is suffering from osteoporosis or atherosclerosis, a person can not just wake up.Power cord terminated at this point, and his job a little support carotid artery.This information is very important to bring the elderly, t. To. In this age, the most common enemy is stroke.
Spanish researchers Posture sleeping on your stomach.
Spanish researchers after extensive observations have come here to this conclusion:
Sleeping on the stomach is bad for the state of his chest.This posture compresses the chest, and the skin wrinkles and get rid of wrinkles is almost impossible.This pose helps stretch the breast.
Do not sleep in this position people who have pointed out the problems with the spine and posture.
Sleeping on your stomach is one of the causes of sexual dysfunction in both sexes, asduring sleep compressed internal organs, including the bladder.
not the best sleep on your stomach affects the skin, its youth and freshness.The face while sleeping in that position is covered by fine wrinkles, and permanent sleep in this position contributes to the deepening of wrinkles.Do not be surprised if one fine day, looking in the mirror, you will notice that your beautiful face appeared nasolabial fold, and the corners of his mouth, "decorated" vertical wrinkles.