Pain in the ankle

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15 May 2016
reasons for this disease may be several.Firstly, it can be a subluxation of joint, turning into arthritis.Secondly, it arthritic inflammation.
How do they differ from each other?Ankle, like all the other joints can be affected by this disease.One day, we realize that it is not quite perfect, becausewake up and feel the pain in the ankle, although no injuries on the eve was not.Soreness, swelling and inflammation generally begin to trouble at night, in some cases, the pain becomes less severe when walking.
causes of pain.
- The most common cause of pain are ankle or foot injury.The lion's share of visitors trauma points are patients with these diagnoses.Failed tucked leg or a bad landing when jumping or falling as a result of a person gets pain in the ankle.The pain can appear as a result of the fall of a heavy object.As a result of the incident the doctor is to ascertain the various parts of a broken leg sprain, dislocation.
- a serious disease that affects musculoskeletal system of t
he person is a deforming arthrosis.With the development of deforming arthrosis person may malfunction as a result of becoming disabled.The cause of this disease can be called injury foot bones (tibia, anklebone, and ankle).
- Abrasion of cartilage that covers the bones in the joint capsule, leading to the development of such diseases as degenerative arthritis, also called osteoarthritis.With abrasion of the tissue, the joint ceases to move smoothly in the joint capsule, asit has become rough and dry, movement becomes difficult, painful, resulting in inflamed joints, and with it the inflamed knees, ankles, etc.All of this leads to the fact that the patient develops joint syndrome, which is accompanied by discomfort and pain in the joint.
- Rheumatoid arthritis.The cause of this disease may be some infectious diseases.The disease is not hereditary, but the predisposition to the disease may be transmitted.
- These injuries can cause the development of arthritis.Damage to the connective tissue of the lower extremities provoking post-traumatic arthritis.As a result of rupture of muscles or ligaments of the joint displacement occurs, then the injured joint is most at risk of developing arthritis.The joint with inflammation under the influence of biologically active agents is the process in which the site of cartilage begins to be replaced by cartilage in the inelastic coupling.