How to get rid of the smell of cat urine on clothes?

By Admin | Household Tricks
18 May 2016

As much as we love our pets, particularly cats, agree, unpleasant to feel the smell of his clothes from cat urine.Particularly often such flavors emerge from small kittens, however pleasant this becomes.

Many try to wash the clothes, but the delicate "flavor" is still felt even after thorough washing, so here it is necessary to do something more effective.The smell of cat urine eats too much, not only in clothing, which turned out to be perhaps the urine, but also on the things of upholstered furniture items with which these clothes are in contact, so display such odors have to doubly difficult.

most effective way of removing cat urine odor from clothes

  • help remove the smell completely vinegar solution.This method can be considered the most universal, because the substance is always at hand, it leaves no trace and does not corrode the fabric.It is enough to dilute a few tablespoons (2-3) in a liter of warm water and faded stained seat.If you can not soak the entire article, then wipe the desired a
    rea swab or cloth dipped in a solution.After wipe or rinse with clean water.
  • desired area of ​​clothing can be washed off with soap.After a rinse with clean water.
  • The small amount of water to dissolve a handful of baking soda and rinse with this solution soiled clothing section.Can remain divorces, and thus it is desirable to wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Pour into a bowl of cold water just enough to completely cover the product or stained section.Squeeze into the basin juice of one lemon, mix well and put the thing.About an hour later, the product should be washed in the usual way.
  • If your clothing has the coloring that coloring it is not terrible, you can try to rinse the item in a light solution of potassium permanganate.But with this method, you need to act very carefully and infrequently.Potassium permanganate is not just capable of burning, change the color of the fabric, it will lead her into complete disrepair, if you use manganese solution for this purpose regularly.
  • clothes that smell of cat urine soaked, can be washed in the washing machine or by hand.For this purpose the washing with the powder of baking soda added (food), or vinegar.Washing can be repeated several times.The clothes can even be soaked in such solutions for some time.

When the urine was on clothes recently, it should be immediately washed off the area with water and soap.There was no odor remains.Old smell have long to display.Often one of the process is even enough, so they can be combined and alternated.

What should not be used

Never use for removing cat urine odor substances that contain chlorine.The smell of you, of course, disappeared, but the thing you risk ruin forever, especially its coloring.

Some poured on contaminated sites clothes perfume or scented water.Yes, for a few minutes so the flavor would kill the smell coming, but it will not eliminate the problem.Half an hour later the smell will become even worse.