The thickening toenails

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 May 2016
To understand what a thickened nail, is to talk about how to look healthy nail.
Healthy nails are slightly pink color, it indicates that the blood circulation is normal.A healthy nail plate has a flat surface can be slightly convex, with a slight sheen or even opaque.
nail plate is a colorless structure consisting of onihoblastov or keratocytes, and they grow from the base of the nail.In the period of active growth of the nail, passing through the cuticle area, the white cells become more transparent.
located under the nail plate and nail bed there are a large number of blood vessels, so it has a bright pink color.Arc or hole located on the rear side of the nail shaft, being visible part of the matrix or substrate.There are nail foundation or basis, the free edge, which is located under the nail slot.
Normally, the thickness of the nail plate is not more than 1 mm, the thickness depends on the state form its foundation.
nail plate thickening, or hypertrophy is the scientific term - pachy
onychia and has a direct link with the hypertrophy of its base or matrix.
This phenomenon can be congenital, it can be seen at such disease-like syndrome Jadassohn-Lewandowski.
if accompanied by a thickening of the nail, and even changes in the shape of the nail color and nail plate, the disease - onihogrofoz, with the nail plate is bent and has the shape of a bird's beak.A similar phenomenon occurs in the elderly on the nails big toes.
According to doctors, the emergence onihogrifoza toe is the consequence of various injuries of the nail, narrow shoes can also cause the appearance of this disease.In this disease, the nail can grow in different directions, may be such that it begins to twist into a spiral.Density affected nail can be so dense that its cut off with scissors becomes impossible.In most cases accompanied onihogrifoz hyperkeratosis.The root cause of the appearance may be different onihogrifoza fungal infections, but more attached infection is a secondary phenomenon.
If you notice that the nail plate on your feet once changed, you should not put off a visit to a specialist in the closet.Podiatry doctor or dermatologist can identify the cause of the disease and treatment will appoint, and be able to remove the thickened nail.