Christmas wreath of cones with their hands

By Admin | Household Tricks
18 May 2016

Christmas bustle - while pleasant, interesting and very exciting.At this time, more than ever want to create a home atmosphere of comfort and celebration, decorate the room with something unusual and beautiful.What could be better than Christmas accessory, made with their own hands?Your ideas and imagination embodied in life, bring a touch of magic to the house and decorate it according to your taste.

One of the most beautiful and attractive ornaments can be called a wreath made of cones.On the one hand it is considered the traditional decoration of the Christmas days, and on the other hand, there are many ideas about how it can be interesting to decorate.

most common lump is the perfect material with which the light will be a wonderful wreath.For this accessory is necessary to choose dry and whole pine or spruce cones, better to take the fruit of medium size (large hard to fix, but little can be lost on the general background).Remarkably, if there are lumps of various shapes.Oblong and round lumps i

n one wreath look very attractive!More impressive wreath will look in which there are other elements of decor - beads, berries, ribbons, you can even weave luminous Christmas garlands.

How to make a wreath of cones?

To do this will need:

  • fir or pine cones;
  • Melt;
  • basis for a wreath;
  • decorations (ribbons, berries, beads, beads);
  • spray painting the cones (you can use acrylic paint).


basis for the wreath can be purchased ready-made and can be woven from their own vines or wire.If there is no wire or rod, it is possible to cut a circle out of the ordinary cardboard, to which will be attached later and bumps with a hot gun.For fixing cones to other bases can also be used Melt, suitable for this purpose and liquid nails.Cones should stick tightly as possible to each other to from under them is not in sight cardboard or other material, taken as a basis.Beautifully looks like bumps in kind, and painted in different colors.You can give them a view of the snow-covered, sprinkle them with silver paint.The best thing to do is paint-spray.Before performing staining is necessary podstelit a wreath oilcloth or old newspapers, to avoid staining furniture.Be sure to put the gloves on his hands.The effect of snow can be made and acrylic paint.Very animated wreath of cones or artificial berries bright christmas small balls.