How to cure the throat for 1 day?

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 May 2016
There are many different ways to cure a sore throat.And each of them eliminates the symptoms of the disease in a relatively short period of time.In the first day of illness will need to work hard.
When pain beginners should suck a mixture of lemon juice and honey.In the mouth, it must hold for ten minutes and then swallowed.If this procedure repeated several times in one hour, there comes a significant improvement in the general condition and had a sore throat is not so worried about or even passes.
rapid and excellent effect give baths paired with a broom.It should be in a bowl with water add eucalyptus or fir oil.Thermal treatments with aromatherapy helps to cure from the disease in just one day.What do you do when there is no possibility of sweating?If the person is not home , for example, on the road, what do you do?
can use candies with mint or sage.It should be noted that the candies you must dissolve slowly, keeping them under your tongue so as not to cause stomach irritation.
is also very important to provide blood flow to the affected organ.It is his and warm, deliver oxygen and nutrition to the affected tissues, which is also an important factor in the recovery process.To do this, you must do exercises and special breathing exercises for the throat.
should simultaneously try to breathe and the nose and mouth.Naturally, it would be unusual but useful.Exercise called "Lion Pose" are able to make even small children.It allows you to remove the pain in the throat while swallowing, which is important when feeding and treatment of the child.This exercise is done standing up.Feet need to place on the width of shoulders, hands stretched forward and then sideways.At the same fingers have to be half-bent legs and a lion.The mouth should be as much open, throat muscles tense, exhale should be strongly pronounce the sound "s".After that it is necessary to relax and repeat this exercise at least a couple of times.
to cure throat just 1 day, apply a means of Mongolian traditional medicine.It should take 0.5 cups of cumin seeds and pour them a glass of boiling water.All that is necessary to boil for 30 minutes.The resulting mixture should drain and add the boiling water.Then it all again brought to a boil, cool and then add 1 tbsp.tablespoon of brandy.This decoction should take 1 tbsp.spoon every 30 minutes.Already after 4 hours the pain will pass.
In addition, there are a huge number of methods that allow you to get rid of sore throat in just one day.