Fires in the ear, what to do?

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 May 2016
Sometimes a person may face such an unpleasant situation, when shooting in the ear.And, as a rule, why is this happening and what should be done in such cases, the majority of people do not know.Such a condition can occur in two ways: with otitis (most common cause) in the case of differential pressure (for example, air travel).In the latter case, the person may start to yawn, thereby equalizing the pressure, but upon arrival, these symptoms go away.
But more often this happens with otitis, and it is important to know what to do.First of all, be sure to adhere to certain rules.For children under two years of compulsory prescribed antibiotics, as well as a hot compress.
as warming agents apply special drops, but they can be used only if the eardrum is not damaged.Most often used Sofradeks, but it has a flaw, it can give ototoxic effects, and as a consequence, can develop deafness.
boric alcohol are often used, but it is strictly contraindicated in children under one year (they may experience co
nvulsions from its use).To like this has happened levomitsetinovy ​​recommend the use of alcohol.
In an extreme case in the absence of the above means you can use any herbal liqueur, vodka solution or vegetable oils.
Often, if the ear shoots continuously used turundy cotton, wool is twisted and shaped wick inserted into the ear.On her drip solution or antibiotic ear drops, procedure must be repeated 3-4 times per day.
If the ear is not only shooting, but also because it starts to pus, you should immediately consult a doctor (LORu).In such cases, should not self-medicate!
To remove the swelling of the mucous membrane with the tube (auditory), should be applied vasoconstrictor drops, they bury the nose (quite suitable simple Naphthyzinum).
When external otitis introduced turundas soaked 70% alcohol, can also be used physiotherapy and hot compress, vitamin therapy.Ciprofloxacin and antibiotics are used only when pronounced symptoms and elevated temperature.If you shoot in the ear start to the evening, then drip camphor oil warm evening and in the morning go to the doctor.
Also, in addition to the above funds can be used a mixture of propolis with olive or peach butter.This mixture is moistened turunda of the bandage and put it in a sore ear, after 4 hours, it is removed, but you can leave it in your ear all night.