The sign "to bring down the cat on the car"

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29 April 2016

Not all, but many drivers are quite superstitious.Perhaps effect that on the road they are almost everywhere and always in danger.Somehow to themselves as "secure" and "read" the signs, they have created a whole galaxy take different - good and bad.

situation when the driver knocked to death a cat, almost all, if not cause confusion, the bad feelings when "cat scratching on the soul."It is a pity the animal, but also frightening and retribution, they say that it is a bad sign if a cat to knock on his car.

What "they say" marks

If you listen to experienced drivers, instructors and read values ​​will then bring down the cat - it's to inevitable accident or hit a man in the near future.There is another less common version, it's a harbinger of some problems with the woman.However, here it is not clear - it concerns only men, or indeed all drivers?

What to do after the "accident"?

helping or not helping the animal in such a situation (in the sense that to go out and look at his condition) - everyone d

ecides for himself, and according to circumstances.If the mood is ruined, soul gnawing guilt, compounded by "the inevitability of punishment" for their actions, the Council do otchitku deceased creatures.

It is a kind of ritual, which, according to the esoteric, clean the machine and all sitting there at the time of a collision with a cat.He takes the resulting "damage" and takes away from the car and people negative vibrations that can draw to itself the accident and an accident in the future.In otchitku not necessarily believe, as in the very sign, it can be used as auditory training, which will relieve the guilt and bad mood.

text otchitki

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Chur, my body, mind, my blood!

Take, Mother of God, from Iyana,

spilled blood on the road.

Save, Save and defense.

Damn joker, leave me alone joke,

Cat's blood roil,

on my shed.

dear to me, you party,

key, lock, language.

Amen, amen, amen.

blurts out, standing on the street and looking at the sun, called the names of all who were sitting in the car.This ritual purifies all the participants of the event, will neutralize the resulting negative karma, and the car then you can not sell or defend a few days in the garage, as they say, "of harm's way."

in folk art cat - a house, guardian of home comfort, so they are the first to admit to a new home.It is believed that the one who killed the cat, will be deprived of luck for 7 years, and during that time it will pursue the turmoil, misfortune and bad luck.To eliminate these effects can be, making otchitku.However, the surest way - is not to believe in omens, as well as their values.