The sign "overdo food"

By Admin | Signs
29 April 2016

From childhood, each of us has been hearing the phrase "overdo the food."Then we realized that the little take on the expense and did not understand why parents are having fun, podkalyvaya each other.Well, now we do about this often joke!

From ancient times, our ancestors, there was talk that overdo the food just is not possible, and even if it happened, it has exactly the reason.Signs interpreted in two ways.

As the old folk omen overdo person can only love so and say overdone, then I fell in love.It is believed that only a woman in love is constantly hovering in the clouds and did not notice, and does not remember what she's doing.

On the other hand, unrequited love is constantly tears.When there is no reciprocity, the girls cry, and when they still cry, but during cooking.Here are the tears that dripped and ...

The sign has deeper roots than just laughter.In fact, in ancient times, many ceremonies to spell beloved committed with the use of salt, "overdo" the potion, hence the sign.Sol started t

alking and added to food, the dish became so salty.

There is another explanation of the signs.Salt has always been expensive and invaluable product on the tables of our ancestors.She is constantly saved as cost is very expensive to treat.However, when the house came expensive, which means "favorite" or maybe just "needed the guests," this product is not sparing bring to the table full of cups, hence the much salt, then the one I love!Insufficient salting, means that you do not like and you have here is not exactly waiting for!It turns out that for the dear and beloved guest need a lot of salt and well.

According to some doctors, during the love of a woman on a background of psychological disturbances in the body there is a lack of many substances, including salt.Therefore, it is on a subconscious level and trying to add to a dish of salt as much as possible.

On the other hand a person can only love to eat salty food and admire the dish, not noticing anything.And even if a man says that overdone, it certainly will not hurt his beloved and, in silence, all will eat.

Today, many still believe that if a little overdone are any signs.And this is just an oversight and inattention, which takes place at the careless mistress!Is it really possible for a long time to find out, however, agree that it sounds good omen, and often "works"!