How to restore the nasal mucosa?

By Admin | Health Recipes
15 May 2016
Prolonged use of drops is recommended to perform a procedure to restore the nasal mucosa.Typically, the instruction specifies a maximum period of use of the drug, after which begins addiction that reduces the desired effect.
With prolonged rhinitis (severe inflammation of the mucous) appears swelling, which indicates a feeling of nasal congestion.
Most often, the common cold, many are trying to cure their own, ignoring medical advice.The principle of operation and the composition of droplets is practically the same, but there is the production of modern drugs, do not irritate the nasal mucosa.As an excellent remedy for the common cold may be offered herbal and oil droplets.
As soon as you feel that there was irritation of the nose, try to immediately seek qualified medical advice.After a careful examination will be given treatment.
As a rule, to relieve swelling in the initial stage used medical methods, which are based on the use of vasodilator complex herbal preparations, vitamins and spe
cial procedures.
To eliminate nasal congestion can be used washing with brine.
If after such treatment was not achieved the desired results, it is suggested surgery, during which the removal of edema produced by cauterization.The operation is completely painless for the patient.
There are many traditional methods for moisturizing the nasal mucosa through natural means.
excellent remedy is honey.When mixing liquid honey and water (1: 2) make great nose drops.Bury 7 drops in each nostril three times daily, and you feel a noticeable relief.
suitable for washing solution of onion juice and honey.To prepare such a drug, you need small pieces of onions pour hot water and add honey.After 1 hour, the infusion is filtered and used.This tool can also be used for the instillation into the nose.With prolonged use observed normalization of all processes and calm inflamed areas.
to moisten the nasal mucosa can use aloe juice.This plant has medicinal properties and is added to various cosmetics.
If you frequently suffer from cold, then bury 5 drops of fresh juice every 2-3 hours until complete recovery.
Before using any proposed means, you still need to consult a specialist in order to avoid complications.