What can I eat in diabetes?

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 May 2016
Many have heard of diabetes, but not everyone knows exactly what is this disease manifests itself.In diabetes, there is an increased sugar content in the blood, and there is a shortage of insulin.Insulin is produced by the pancreas.There are two types of diabetes: first insulin into the body is absent;the second type of body cells do not respond to it.
signs of the disease are: dehydration, thirst, and the release of large amounts of urine.
Diabetes treated using the therapeutic regimen and diet, and for each patient, the doctor works out individual diet, depending on the form of the disease.
diet consists of: carbohydrates (55-60%), fat (25-20%) and protein (15-20%).
Carbohydrates are and another name - saccharides.The received food starch must be present (related to complex carbohydrates), as well as a large amount of fiber.
All fats should be of plant origin.It is also important to constantly monitor the content of cholesterol in the blood.
Upon receipt of the proteins adhere to
the following formula - per 1 kg of body weight per day should fall to 1 g protein.
Foods that can be eaten with this disease:
- Soups of vegetables, are considered to be the most suitable, cooked on meat or fish broth.
- Bread.The daily rate is 200 g, better black or cooked bran.
- Groat.The best buckwheat is considered unacceptable - semolina.Groats is allowed only in the case if you do not intend during the day to eat bread.
- Lean meat, such as fish or poultry.The day may be up to 150 g of boiled meat.
- Fruits, berries.The daily rate is 300 g, are particularly useful oranges, blueberries, lemons, cranberries.
- the day you can eat two eggs is permissible in the form of an omelette.
- Various drinks.Fruit juices that are diluted with water, black or green tea, weak coffee with milk.Tea made from rose hips can be drunk in unlimited quantities.
- You can eat dairy products.Normal yogurt per day is 200 g, sour cream, cream cheese, and can have a somewhat smaller amount.
There should be small meals 5-6 times a day.
strictly contraindicated alcohol, it slows down the intake of nutrients.
Though diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases, it is still possible to lead a full life.The main condition for this - diet and completely give up bad habits.All the difference between the healthy and the sick person will be in the diet.