How fast do the splits?

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 May 2016
the splits can take at any age, most importantly in this case the desire and toughness.Of course, the young man is much easier to achieve desirable than say a man of forty.On average, a person under 25 years will require 3-4 months to achieve this, people need about 30 to 6 months, and people older than 30 can spend on it is up to 1 year.To achieve the desired will require regular stretching, so who previously played sports, he will take all the loads faster and is easier to rest.
Do not rush, because excessive exercise can lead you to the trauma, do things gradually, taking into account their age and capabilities.
Stretching is divided into three categories: statistical , ballicheskaya and dynamic .
For beginners, the most appropriate statistical stretching .It implies a flowing movement towards the end point of time one exercise may take from 15 seconds to one minute.Doctors strongly recommend to start stretching it statistically, because it is safer, besides it can be practiced at home
But dynamic stretching more suitable for people who already have high flexibility.Under it meant springy movement with small pauses in a certain posture.Untrained person better not try this stretch.
Ballicheskoy stretching may engage only those who exercise regularly.When it makes a sharp movement and springy such as mahi.
Whichever exercise every person who wants to do the splits, obliged to learn one simple rule - you need to deal with on a regular basis, twice a day.One lesson should take 40-60 minutes of time if this condition is to comply strictly with, then very soon will be able to sit on the string even a novice.
For those who intend to do the first stretch, the circuit should look like this.Stretching the muscle, stop immediately as soon as you feel a slight pain.Freeze in this position for 15 seconds, the pain should come to nothing if it does not pass, it means that you have put more effort than necessary.Never forget the warm-up, it must be carried out before stretching, and the longer it takes, the less sporting past in humans.
exercises should be balanced so that the muscles of both legs stretched equally.
Anyone who is engaged in stretching in addition to being able to do the splits, and be able to correct your posture.It is also a good fitness for the health, and you do not have to spend money on any exercise equipment and facilities.