Why watery eyes?

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 May 2016
watery eyes can start by completely different reasons, such a state of the eye can be caused by allergies, Aten, fatigue, inflammation, and many other factors.But whatever the reason, this state of the eye indicates that there are violations in the body, and an urgent need to take appropriate measures to address them.
itself secretion of tears is a natural reaction to a variety of factors, but if you just can not prevent this process, and especially to stop it, you should immediately address this issue.
most common cause secretion of tears is an elementary lack of trace elements and vitamins in the human body.Especially clearly this is manifested in the lack of potassium and vitamin B2.In addition tearfulness eyes are present and additional symptoms of a lack of vitamins, it is "the fear of bright light", there are "races" on the corners of the mouth.Lack of potassium can result from excessive consumption of coffee and strong tea, a large amount of salt, diuretics and sleeping pills, and, of cour
se, with a substantial burden on the body, whether physical or mental work.Also, due to exposure to cold eyes, too, can begin to tear, so avoid the possibility of long walks in the cold.In pregnant women, there is almost always the same problem.The reason is clear, it is necessary to understand how to solve this problem.To solve it regularly eat beans, cucumbers, bananas and any other foods that are high in potassium levels.
Another reason that can be observed watery eyes is wearing contact lenses.Tearfulness can call themselves the lens and causes indirectly related to them.For example, in the spring under the lens can get the pollen of flowers, which will provoke a state of tearful eyes.There is also a similar effect may result, and means to care for the lenses to find out for sure, give up for a while from wearing lenses and, if it becomes noticeable improvement, it means that the reason was in it.Super sensitive cornea can also cause watery or incorrectly selected diopter lens.In the latter case, the eyes are constantly tired, so it is useful to consult with a specialist in this field.
If the same problem occurs in women, the blame can be cosmetics.Poor quality and cheap cosmetics can provoke the situation.Although, sure beauticians and expensive cosmetics will not give 100% guarantee in this regard.Makeup should be chosen strictly individually, as a woman, she may well come, and the other cause irritation.To ascertain whether the cause in cosmetics just need some time to stop to use it if tearfulness passed, then look for yourself a cosmetics firm.As a treatment, use infusions and camomile tea in the future try to choose hypoallergenic only means of cosmetics, they are practically no preservatives.
Well, the last reason is the low humidity in the room, the body with the help of the secretion of tears as it compensates for the lack of moisture in the air.The same conditions of the eye and can cause abnormal screen resolution and a long stay at the monitor.