Sore neck

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 May 2016
manifestation of pain in the neck can be confused with neck pain that occur as a consequence of cervical degenerative disc disease.The pain may just be given in the neck, and you take it for the symptoms of other problems.
Sometimes the cause of the pain is stretching the neck extensor muscles, as they are located slightly below the neck.The pain also occurs during spondylitis, subluxation, neck injuries.The same pain can provoke strong drafts or excessive nervous stress, as a result, developing miogeloz , which causes pain.
main symptoms of this disease are dizziness, pain in the back of the head and neck pain can also reach the shoulders.
causes leading to this problem is simple and banal, it's a long drive or a long stay in the uncomfortable position of a computer monitor.
The pain may also be the result of crushing occipital nerve, thus there is paroxysmal pain, which can be transmitted in the area of ​​the jaw, ear, or in the back.
Pain becomes more harsh and unbearable when you sn
eeze, cutting back of the neck, coughing, for this reason, people with this problem tend to do as little as possible motions neck.When tightening the process of pain can become a "shoot", and in short intervals between such lumbago will be felt aching.This muscle can not relax and are always in tension, also markedly deteriorating condition of the skin - it becomes supersensitive.
If a person has hypertension, the pain can be felt in the left side of the neck, it is becoming more acute in the morning.Also intolerable pain and cervical migraine, a person may feel dizzy in addition to the pain.
for pain is necessary to eliminate the root cause of its appearance.Also, it is useful to treat neck using mud applications and ultrasound.It is recommended that in such cases and conduct sessions using diadynamic currents.
addition should relieve existing tension through the use of tranquilizers.This is even more needs to be done if the cervical felt constant pain.Treatment is carried out with the use of drugs leading to normal serotonin, it can be done with cinnarizine, Dihydroergotoxin.
But remember that at such pains sure to visit the doctor, only an expert in the art can correctly assign treatment, and then only after rentgenosvkih images.