How to treat frostbite?

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 May 2016
Frostbite - quite common in the winter season.Under frostbite refers to the process of tissue damage due to the low temperatures.The main symptom is the appearance of pallor of the skin, and with a strong frostbite can occur even bubbles.
If you find a whitening of the ear or nose, then immediately try to grind them woolen mittens for blood flow to the damaged area.For reheating frozen legs or arms should undertake a number of active movements that will improve the blood circulation.Secure the effect can be, take a warm bath.Just follow the safety precautions.Also, a warm bath will help keep warm, if you are completely frozen.
When bubbles should immediately consult a doctor, after bandaging chilblain sterile dressing.
To prevent complications (inflammation, suppuration), as well as the relief of pain and a burning sensation can use folk remedies .
1. Chop the leaves of aloe and attach them to the wound, tie bandage.
2. An excellent remedy for frostbite considered calendula.Used as a tinc
ture of alcohol and herbal infusion.
3. cabbage leaf scald with hot water and attach to the place of frostbite.For pain relief grind it, cook about 5 minutes, add the egg white and apply to the sore spot for some time.
4. Many people use the juice of a freshly prepared potatoes.Soaked bandage is applied for 1.5-2 hours, fixing plaster.
5. As an antibacterial agent suitable lotions and compresses of chamomile.
should be noted that frostbite and burns are similar in structure damage, so any means of the above perfectly cope with that, and with others.
As a precaution, use the cream for the face and hands, and, of course, dress for the weather.
Do not drink alcoholic beverages in the winter.When a discharge of blood from the skin, cooling occurs more quickly.