Black fur

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 May 2016
Understand healthy people or not, to some extent can be on his tongue.The fact that completely healthy person in a language not formed any raid, but if it comes from, it is direct evidence of the existence of some health problems.Whitish or yellowish plaque, though unpleasant, but does not promise any apparent health problems.But the formation of a black plaque can lead to confusion, not only the man himself, but the doctors to whom he turned for help.
In the old days the phenomenon of blackening of the tongue is only one explanation, it was believed that this is one of the symptoms of cholera.Now, there are several reasons a medical point of view, which can cause such a state language.One of them is acidosis, or disorder acidic mode of the body towards its increase.This can occur as a consequence of frequent consumption of flour, fat, carbohydrates and too rich food.The same result can cause and the lack of fruits and vegetables eaten.In addition, the body may begin to accumulate toxins, slag, and
some other harmful substances.As treatment, purification of rice, it displays not only all harmful substances, but also actively promotes weight loss.
But not always blackening language due to the presence of health problems.A similar darkening of the surface may be caused by ingested blueberries, or be the result of the use of activated carbon.It is understandable that in such cases do not need to do anything, darkening itself will come in a couple of days!
reasons for which may appear in the language of touch.
In terms of official medicine plaque may be the result of the problems with the gastrointestinal tract.In rare cases, the cause may be a serious malfunction of the pancreas and gallbladder.Additional symptoms may be bitterness in the mouth and dehydration.In this case, the fur indicates stagnant bile in the digestive organs.For an accurate diagnosis you need to take a blood test, it will help you understand whether the reason is this.
strong form of the common cold often causes blackening of the tongue, and the disease is difficult and can be for a few days to proceed with a high temperature.
Chromogenic fungus also can lead to the appearance of dark patches on the tongue.In addition to the language in this case suffer and teeth, they may appear dark greenish patina.As a precaution, observe oral hygiene, then you will bypass the fungus with a probability of 99%!