How do you know whether there are worms?

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 May 2016
We are more used to take care of their appearance than their health.Worms can appear as a small child and an adult, and is skeptical about this issue.According to official figures about 80% of all serious diseases provoked it worms, these statistics included such serious diseases as cancer.According to the same data to date, more than 2 million people in Russia are infected with worms, although unofficial estimates this number is much higher.
But how to find out whether there are worms from you?The most faithful and has become the usual method is to contact the nearest clinic and delivery of the necessary tests.Usually, this analysis of feces, feces were examined for the presence of a eggs of these parasites, there are times that the first attempt to identify the worms can not.For accurate diagnosis is recommended to be tested not once but several times.
But what symptoms you should cause you concern?This is primarily a variety of dysfunction of the intestine, allergic reactions, dysbiosis, frequ
ent fatigue, headaches, all of these factors indicate the toxicity of your body.Because worms suffering and the immune system, which may be the result of frequent colds.
If the diagnosis is positive, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.It is usually taking certain drugs aimed at the destruction of worms themselves, as well as their eggs.After the treatment you will need to pass a stool again, if in a few tests the result is negative, it will mean that the treatment has brought the desired effect.
As a precaution, always wash fruits and vegetables before eating them, and fish and meat, eat only after the heat treatment.