How to remove corns on your feet?

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 May 2016
calluses formed on the feet, are no more than a skin seals.They should be removed immediately, because their appearance is accompanied by a strong pain and a burning sensation when walking.
Remove corns can be achieved by trays.On 1 liter of water add 1/4 of Art.l.soda.A steam bath in the skin, to corns all night applied aloe leaves (fresh, cut part to skin formation).In the morning the skin is softened so that it can remove the tools for a pedicure or simply cut.
Instead aloe leaf can use a slice of lemon, skin removed easily and painlessly.
well with this problem and onion mask.Take the onion and cut it by separating the petals.Then these petals is applied to skin lesions and wrap with plastic wrap.Allow to stand for 6 hours or make the evening until morning.Then the mask is removed, and corns easily scraped off.After their removal the skin nourishing cream smeared.
bad solves this problem and peculiar mask with vegetable oil.Take a pair of cotton socks and soaked in oil, then dress to he
r feet.Over wrapped plastic bag and then wear another pair of socks.Leave the mask on the night and in the morning took off her growths can be easily removed with a pumice stone.
effective method of removing corns is to use propolis.It must be crushed and put to him, on top of dress socks or tape up his feet.Before bedtime propolis is removed, and the legs steamed, and then again applied propolis.A week later, calluses disappear by themselves.
As preventive measures recommended regular foot care, as well as attentive to the choice of footwear.It is best to buy orthopedic insoles and no high heels!