Twinkling eyes

By Admin | Health Recipes
14 May 2016
Almost everyone at least once in my life encountered such a phenomenon as "gnats in the eyes," or flicker.If this happened to you a couple of times, then a specific reason for concern, but if this phenomenon is repeated regularly, then you should immediately raise the alarm and go to the doctor.This flickering can occur as a consequence of a number of reasons, the most common are cerebrovascular disease, low or high blood pressure, vitamin deficiency, eye injury or traumatic brain injury.
Sometimes this phenomenon is observed in emotional, nervous and mental and physical overload of the body, the same result can cause sudden and large gesture or eye strain.People abusing alcohol and tobacco may feel like a regular "flickering" in the eyes, if they are not systematic, then do not worry.
Quite often, these symptoms appear in those facing a hemorrhage or rupture of the retina.If you experience a sudden flash or fixed spots before his eyes, then immediately consult a specialist in this area, as this
may be the first serious signs of retinal detachment.This disease can cause serious consequences, up to total loss of vision.To those symptoms can be attributed to the restriction of the review, the emergence of "a swarm of midges," and so on. D.
osteochondrosis cervical spine can also cause these symptoms in the eyes.The arteries passing near the spine is deteriorating the natural blood flow, and as a result, the brain begins to experience lack of oxygen, and there is a twinkle in his eyes.
Severe poisoning can also cause "midges in the eyes," the toxins affect the nervous system, as well as the optic nerve.
This state possibly with decompensated diabetes mellitus, it is a signal of worsening health.
Internal bleeding also causes similar effects and is completely natural sign of bleeding.
If a person suffers from anemia, he will constantly suffer from flicker in his eyes, to the same over time, vision may be seriously affected.
to the same conditions of the eye and can cause inflammation (uveitis), when it white blood corpuscles allocated eye, the iris tissue can suffer from inflammation.Increased intracranial pressure also causes the "Stars in the eyes", migraines and pinched neck vessels may also trigger a similar condition.
twinkle in the eye is one of the signs of hypertensive crisis, it is the retina sensitive to increased pressure in the eye vessels.
If hypotension occurs and a twinkle in his eyes.This is due to the fact that the vessels untimely and incomplete as to fill with blood, resulting is a twinkle in his eyes, the appearance of dark spots or other highlights.
If such symptoms are observed in pregnant women, it should immediately consult your doctor.This may be the first signs of eclampsia, the disease is very dangerous for both the mother and the unborn child.
If symptoms are relatively rare and are not a serious form, to ask for help is not necessary.But if they are regular, then you definitely should be examined by an ophthalmologist.