How to remove a hump on the neck?

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 May 2016
hump on the neck begins to form predominantly in women after forty years.The presence of cervical hump is evidence of serious violations of women's health.This pathology is found, for example, with osteochondrosis or reinforced the adrenal glands.Completely get rid of cervical hump only by surgery, but there is a method which helps to stop its growth.A person should only show patience and perseverance.In order to stop the increase in cervical hill, you need to adhere to the following rules.
First of all, you need to sleep in the correct position and give up the quilts and large pillows, that contribute to damage to the cervical spine.It is best to use the pillow, the thickness of which does not exceed 10 centimeters.Attention should be paid to the rigidity of the bed, which should be moderately tight.
To hump reduced in size, you need to seek help from a professional masseur and regularly going to the swimming pool.It is proved that cervical hump often develops in people who are subject to consta
nt physical stress, because it stimulates the muscles seal that eliminates massage.It is also possible to carry out physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory treatment.
neck hump can be formed by the excessive functioning of the adrenal gland that stimulates the formation of fat roll.It should be noted that the roller is not immediately noticeable.First passes a redistribution of fat in the body.It begins to accumulate in the neck and on the limbs and buttocks its quantity gradually decreases.Independently regulate this process you do not succeed, you need to see a specialist, who will check the adrenal glands and determine the level of hormones in your body.
positive effect manifested in the constant gymnastics and yoga.In a few months you will notice that the neck vertebrae are taking a correct position.