The sign "kitten came to the house"

By Admin | Signs
26 April 2016

Kittens always evoke emotion, even in people who are absolutely indifferent to animals.Everyone knows that cats, unlike their enemies - wayward dogs have a special character and temperament.Therefore, just arrived at the house, they can not.The arrival of the animal necessarily something prophesies.

In that case, if the house someone has recently died or was killed a long time and are a wake the dead, and on this day nailed cat, it must be to shelter.There is a sign that the kitten - the messenger of the deceased person.Thus, he reminds himself.If an animal to drive and take it entail long misery that may last only seven years to get rid of a succession of adversity can be, if we take off the street homeless cat.

It is considered a good omen if the house where the couple can not have offspring, pribludy little cat or a cat.It is a harbinger of the future of the child's birth.In this case, the animal also can not expel, or wife and then not be able to give birth to offspring.If

"pribludysh" nailed t

o the family at some religious festival, it is considered a messenger of higher powers.It foretells that the people who shelter animal will be under special protection.In the coming year, family members will all take shape, as well as possible.They will wait for good luck, health, financial security, prosperity.

It is considered a good omen and that if the house lives a sick man, who can not be cured, and there came to him a kitten.Since ancient times people have noticed that cats can pick up the disease in humans, and no matter how complex they are.Therefore, if the animal shelter, the patient will recover very soon.

cat owner argued that to keep in the house a tricolor cat is very useful.And if tricolor kitten he came to the house - it's a real stroke of luck.Animals such color is considered to be living at home charms.If such a furry friend settle in the apartment, there will always prevail harmony, comfort, tranquility, and all misfortunes are guaranteed to be passing by.And if the kitten will also female, it is generally ideal.Her positive energy will attract the house money and stability.

Therefore rejoice sincere, if your house is trying to settle the uninvited guest.In this case, it is not only possible but necessary in every way privechali.