Signs on the baptism of the child

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26 April 2016

baptism of a child is one of the most important events in the life of every family.They will take an important step - to choose godparents to her baby, who equally with them will be involved in the issues of his upbringing.The procedure of baptism is linked with a number of signs, which you should definitely listen to everything went right.

main signs associated with the baptism of a child

One of the main take is that until such time as the child is not christened it should not be shown to friends and acquaintances.This is due to the fact that an unbaptized child does not have the slightest protection.Aliens envious evil views may lead to the fact that even a baby can get sick and it will be difficult to help in using charms ooze medication.Knowing this, almost all parents want to listen to this will take.

There is a sign on which should be the day of the christening of the child to put on new clothes.This event is considered to be a real celebration of religious values, because the crumb should be

brought in the day before the Almighty, who will provide him with his defense.Old worn clothes - the wrong one for this.According to take, wearing new clothes for the child, parents do that the future life of their child evolved well.According to accept baptism performed after the child in the home are entered godparents.

To correct a child's life evolved, the friends do not have to enter into a close relationship with each other.Godparents and relatives, parents should think first about their "common" child for whom they are responsible to the Lord.

baby's baptism is necessary for a towel, which he wiped after dipping in holy water.It is not necessary to wash the towel, take it on the need to remove pigeonholed and get only when the child's life gets tough, for example, he is seriously ill.The same applies to things that have been put on the day of the christening.In difficult times taken to get clothes or a towel used for baptism, and they wrap up their child.It is believed that after this disaster recedes, the child is recovering much faster.

Other signs

to the above signs is certainly worth considering.But do not forget about other signs, which are less common.So, take the girls to church first must bring men and boys - women.According to legend, if the entrance to the church happens exactly the opposite, the life of one or both of the godparents will develop is not the best.Follow accept this or not - a private matter of each family.

To godson for his life in no need, experienced prosperity during the feast godparents must try all cooked dishes.Enough to eat at least a small spoon treats.

At the time of entrance to the church is still defenseless child, so, it's easy to jinx it.According to take to ensure that this did not happen the mother need to chew a clove of garlic and then blow on the child.According to legend

godmother can not become the woman who bears the child, because it can ruin the life of involuntary way both kiddies - and his native Chad, and newly made godson.