The sign "a snake crawled into the house"

By Admin | Signs
26 April 2016

is rare to meet someone who loves snakes.It is considered to be a natural reaction to fear and fear at the sight of this reptile.To see this in the wild fauna is quite natural and even expected.But witness the snake on the doorstep of his house in our territory is quite unusual.What could mean such a meeting?

Most people will interpret this as a bad sign, but it is absolutely wrong.Such national sign states that such a meeting the inhabitants of the house calls for caution, tolerance and wisdom.This may relate to how decision-making and interpersonal relationships.

Contrary to popular opinion, regarding a possible illness or death which the court appearance of a snake in the house, there is such a national sign.In that case, if the reptile is not just crawled into the house, or threshold, but also lay their eggs, this indicates that the house is safe.In the next ten years in this house will reign full idyll in all - ranging from financial stability and ending with the relationship between living peop


But if the snake crawled into the house and threw it their skin is considered to be quite a bad omen.Such an event portends someone from households and a strong long-term illness or impending death, but do not be too superstitious.This is just a belief.

considered a good sign of such circumstances - if the new building, where no man lived, crept serpent.She brings this home positive energy and even after the animal crawls, it protects it.It was believed that this house will not be afraid of any natural disasters - fires, floods, hurricanes and the like.In addition, and by the people themselves have chosen the snake home as long as they live there is not anything negative to happen.

In no case can not kill this reptile if it crept into the house.This may bring serious trouble.If the snake is poisonous, it is better to give her an opportunity to crawl or cause professionals who safely "evacuate" the animal.There is a sign that if you kill the snake, not even specifically, within 5 years of the person who committed this act, will chase trouble.

Whatever luck - good or not, we should not unconditionally believe in it, it's nothing more than superstition.