Removing a toothache at home

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 May 2016
Toothache usually occurs because of damage to the tooth enamel caused by caries.The result is that the tooth is destroyed.Damage to tooth enamel occurs, usually due to poor nutrition - excessive consumption of sweets, pastries, candy and sugary drinks, which are under the influence of bacteria in the mouth form acids that cause tooth decay.Tooth pain can be constant, sharp, throbbing, shooting.Often gives pain in the ear or in the head, that brings a lot of human suffering.
the right decision in this situation would be an appeal to the dentist.To delay in this case should not be, otherwise you can lose a tooth.But, if at the moment no way to refer to a dentist in the home can be used by some tricks which can stay for a while toothache.
- the cause of the pain may be the remains of food that get stuck in your teeth.Therefore, rinse your mouth;
- from pieces of food will help, too, dental floss;
- alcohol (vodka cognac) has a good analgesic effect.To do this, h
old for a while vodka or cognac in the mouth and then spit;
- every 4-6 hours aspirin;
- chew food on the healthy side;
- take the clove oil and apply on the aching tooth.This significantly reduce toothache;
- hold for a while salt water in your mouth and then spit out.Repeat 4-6 times a day.
The above recommendations are not treatments, they are only for a time reduce pain.You will be able to cure only a dentist.