Ascariasis: Symptoms and Treatment

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13 May 2016

Ascariasis - one of the most common diseases that occur almost everywhere, especially where the humid climate.You can become infected just from the person, as the disease occurs only in humans.The causative agent of the disease is the roundworm - ascarids.First of all the roundworm affect the lungs and liver.Furthermore, they can penetrate into any organ even in the brain and eyes, the blood vessels.And they continue to live in the body for up to 1 year.When this period roundworm die and go outside with feces with the larvae. So even if you do not take any medicine, the course of the year, the disease itself will take place.

But do not wait a whole year.The fact that roundworm cause mechanical damage to the bodies break capillaries and consequently cause hemoptysis.If the worms get into the bile ducts, then there are strong pains and severe vomiting (in vomit can sometimes be seen roundworm).Therefore, immediately after the worms have been found necessary to take measures for th
eir removal.Moreover, the accumulation of a large number of worms in the gut can lead to constipation.

first stage (migration) of the disease lasts about 70 days.During this period the migration is not fully mature larvae throughout the body.The second stage (intestinal) - adult worms take up residence in the intestines.

Symptoms ascaridosis

Migration stage is characterized bychest pain, cough (usually bloody sputum), the development of bleeding, fever, pain in the eyes (if roundworm fall into the eye).Intestinal stage - chest pain, decreased appetite, increased salivation, vomiting, constipation or sometimes a watery stools.

possible asymptomatic.In this case, you must pass in the laboratory analysis of blood and feces.

Treatment ascaridosis

Treat ascariasis medicationby drugs such as the pyrantel, mebendazole, levamisole.And you need not only to take the patient, but also for the prevention of, all members of the family.Dangerous for the patient represents the feces, so after a bowel movement should be parboiled and only after 30 minutes into drains.

most often occurs in the summer outbreak of ascariasis, at their summer cottage.Therefore, fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed before consumption.

ascariasis possible complications such as peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum) and blood poisoning.The most dangerous complication arises when worms enter the respiratory tract, followed by a choke, which may lead to death.