First aid for injuries

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 May 2016

have xib - a closed injury of organs and tissues, resulting in the fall or shock.When injury is damage to the skin, muscles, subcutaneous fat, and sometimes the blood vessels are damaged, out of which flows the blood.Subsequently, the blood is absorbed into the surrounding tissue and formed a hematoma (bruise).If small vessels are damaged, the bleeding will stop after 5-10 minutes.But if large vessels are damaged, the bleeding can last a whole day or even longer.The color of a bruise can determine the prescription of injury: a fresh shiner has a blue-black color, in 3-4 days the color becomes greenish tinge on the fifth day he turns yellow.Bruise, necessarily, accompanied by pain and run-off.

If bruise easy, then it will be enough to make ice.Otherwise, need urgent professional help.It is important in the early hours, to find out whether the patient bone fracture or dislocation of joints.To do this, you must do X-rays.

Immediately in the first minutes a
fter the occurrence of injuries is necessary to apply cold compresses or ice packs and apply a pressure bandage - in order to stop the bleeding.If the affected area is a leg or arm, this place is worth keeping in the raised position and that the blood flow is not disrupted, the bandage slowly weaken.

If a sore spot - the body or person, that is, where the bandage does not apply, apply cold lotions and hold until until warmed.After a cold day is no longer needed, and it is now necessary to warm the place.In the affected area do iodine grid.If the injury moderate or severe degrees of severity, it is prescribed physiotherapy.