Varieties rash in infants

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 May 2016

rash in infants - normal, do not panic about this.There are several types of lesions, some of which we will consider.

Eruptions on the face , usually appear withina month after the birth.Small, pale rash covers mainly the area near the nose and cheeks.This rash is perfectly safe, it quickly dries up, but when dry can form scabs, which cause discomfort and itching: baby can face comb.The root cause of the rash can be unhealthy diet mother, low-quality milk.

If your child scratched space rashes recommended sprinkle them with talcum powder or starch.

Miliaria - the most common problem among all the lesions.Most often it appears in the newborn due to overheating and perspiration in the folds of the delay.It appears redness and small vesicles with clear content.It may be accompanied by itching.To facilitate the unpleasant symptoms and help get rid of prickly heat help baths with potassium permanganate, as
well as baby powder.To prevent prickly heat recommended air bathrooms.Good help treatment of affected areas with iodine solution (a few drops of iodine per cup of water), as well as rubbing reddened areas
solution of baking soda.In hot weather is better to keep the child naked.

Dairy crust in children in the first months after birth.It reminds dirty scaly patches on the scalp.Getting rid of it is not so hard, enough to lubricate the damaged areas of sunflower oil to soften the crust, then carefully combed the soft comb.If these treatments do not help, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician. mainly lactic crust not last longer than a couple of months.

Bubble rash may appear within a few days after birth.Mostly at risk weakened and premature babies.Outwardly, this rash resembles bubbles filled with cloudy liquid that after 2-3 days of burst and dry.If the rash is covered by more than half of the body, it is necessary to see a doctor, because it is dangerous and even threatened with death.It is necessary to consult a pediatrician and when the bubble burst, but do not dry up.Bubbles is necessary to moisten a cotton swab moistened with camphor oil, stubborn skin care soak while bathing the child.
excellent help in the fight against rashes carrot juice, if you give him every day in small quantities.It is perfectly clear skin.