The symptoms and treatment of urticaria

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13 May 2016
believed that 3 people out of 10 at least once in my entire life suffered from urticaria.Symptoms of hives itching is unbearable, and the characteristic blisters appear that rise above the skin.Some people get hives just once in life, while others suffer long and painful.
Overall urticaria includes allergic disease as , and nonallergic .
allergic urticaria occurs in 1 per person of 10 who suffer from this disease.
main reason , which leads to the disease, is a drug, animal dander, insect bites.In other cases, urticaria not associated with allergies.It can accompany any chronic diseases.Urticaria often occurs in pathologies of endocrine system, and the gastrointestinal pathologies.Sometimes the cause may be psycho-emotional and physical overload.It also can cause hives sun and cold, and mechanical pressure on the skin.
sign is when the cells under the influence of adverse factors under the skin releases the active substances that affect the small blood vessels at th
e same time, stimulating nerve endings, which leads to the appearance of blisters.
If you are having an allergic urticaria, the combat may enter immunity.But non-allergic rash may be accompanied by worsening of the disease.
blisters can spread throughout the body, most often the exposed face, chest and hands.
Urticaria often affects people who use laxatives.This will constantly irritate the intestines, therefore allergens easier to penetrate into the bloodstream.
to begin treatment of hives, it is necessary to know its causes.Therefore, taking the doctor asks you in detail about the state of health.If there is a suspicion of allergic disease, the patient is sent to allergoobsledovanie.In difficult situations, the patient should be examined fully.Consequently, in addition to the delivery of a number of analyzes, consultation and other specialists, such as a gastroenterologist, proctologist, a rheumatologist.
hives there is no complications, but at several stages of the disease.
During an exacerbation should take such medications as telfast, Kestin, Zyrtec, Aerius.
also recommended tavegil, but suprastin treatment will not produce the desired result.
Maximum stage of the disease is the area of ​​the hands, face and legs.Especially dangerous is the swelling of the body.
diet can reduce the severity of the disease.Patient, it should be hypoallergenic diet.In such a diet is not recommended to use honey, nuts, chocolate and food coloring agents.
To cure is necessary to eliminate the very cause of the disease.If the very reason can not be eradicated, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system.Also carry out the fight against fungal diseases, parasites, to achieve a long lull.
Acute hives last for about 6 weeks, over this period, it is regarded as chronic.According to statistics, women suffer more hives.