How to treat cracked heels?

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 May 2016
Using folk remedies can get rid of cracks on the heels quickly and efficiently.To do this, apply the mask and ointments prepared at home.To enhance their action make compresses, the top therapeutic composition is usually put cellophane or waxed paper, then put on socks.
also used for the treatment of cabbage leaf.Heel soar, lard, and then apply cabbage leaf.The procedure is performed every day until healing.
In ancient times, used a method of treating cracks porridge with linseed oil.Boil the oatmeal on the water, with mixing in her oat oil and spread on plastic bags.Packets of porridge wear on their feet, and they are wrapped with something warm.Apply it to 2-2.5 hours.
also promotes healing of fractures onion juice, or you can attach to the heel slurry from the bow to the milk.
There is another recipe.Onion cut into pieces, pour the vinegar, then put in a dark place.And applied to corn for leaflets desirable 2 times a day.
Another great way to get rid of the cracks
, use a potato peel.For half an hour keep your feet on the potato peel broth, then rinse and grease castor oil, after - wear socks on their feet.
quickly relieve you of cracks on the heels - raw potatoes.It must grate, resulting mass lay on folded several times gauze and bandage to the heels.A few hours later to replace the bandage.
at the crack of the night it is advisable to put a slice of fresh tomato.
Excellent heals cracks - honey.With regular compresses it will relieve your heel cracks.
useful to take soap-soda baths with the addition of ammonia, and chamomile for 10-20 minutes.Soda is about 1 tbsp.spoon for 23 liters.water.This will suffice 6-10 receptions.