Eye diseases in adults

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12 May 2016
Eye - is a complicated optical engine, which consists of the eyeball and optic nerve with its shells.The human eye calls for a careful attitude.However, there are many diseases that affect the eye.They may wear the inflammatory character.
Eye diseases are caused by abnormalities of the eye (congenital anomalies, acquired in the course of the life of a tumor in violation of the visual organ, trauma) or due to complications resulting from diseases of other organs (for example, diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hyperthyroidism can give complications in the eye).Most diseases are characterized by a gradual deterioration of visual acuity occurring without acute pain.Therefore, the patient, long time did not notice the development of the disease.In addition, an adult gets used to a gradual loss of vision, and to pathological consequences occurring in the visual organ.Often, patients go to the doctor when irreversible changes have already occurred.
Therefore, at the first signs
(itching, redness, blurred vision, discharge) immediately need to see an ophthalmologist.Remember, any pathological changes are irreversible, may only stop the development of these changes at the stage where you see a specialist.
main symptoms of various eye diseases in adults
Myopia. close objects can be seen well, but to see the long - you have to squint.
corneal lesions. sharp twinges that disappear when closing the eyes.
infectious eye disease. sticky discharge in the morning, red eyes, sudden pain.
Glaucoma. Reduction of the field of vision, increased intraocular pressure, headaches.
Cataract. significant deterioration of vision, cataract