Bow hair loss

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 May 2016
In folk medicine uses all possible means, even those we are used to perceive as normal food.One of those tools is the bow, which since time immemorial used in alternative medicine.Already many centuries people know about its medicinal properties, not for nothing that the explorers leaving the north necessarily take a bow with them.No other product not simultaneously useful substances so as to bow.It contains minerals, organic acids, enzymes, carotene, volatile, various vitamins.Onions can be used to provide a bactericidal action, and it also has a tonic effect on the body as a whole.With the help of many diseases are treated, as well as specific cases, for example, such as hair loss.
It is used not only against the process of hair loss, but also as a means to strengthen them, as well as the stimulation of hair growth.To this end, make special teas based on it, masks, rubbing onion juice into the balding areas of the head.Scientific evidence shows that it is using the bow can pause begun hair loss, a
nd in rare cases, and to stimulate the growth of a whole new head of hair.
This procedure should be performed once every few days, too frequent use will not accelerate the healing effect.At the beginning of the balding head rubbing onion juice and covered his head with a plastic bag and tied a towel over it.Allow to stand for several hours, and then removing all head thoroughly washed.
onion juice can be replaced gruel of thereof.To do this, take two bulbs and mulled them on a fine grater, and the resulting slurry is rubbed in a similar way to the hair roots.If you have dry hair, then cooked in so mush, you need to add burdock or castor oil.