How to brew in a thermos rose hips?

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 May 2016
Nature is a real treasure trove of useful elements and materials, just need to know where to find them.One of the main sources of vitamins and minerals are berries and fruits.Rosehip, which is widespread in our latitudes, is very rich in many vitamins.There are high in vitamins B, E, K, it contains carotene (pro-vitamin A is), rutin (vitamin P).But is particularly rich in the vitamin C rosehips, no other berry with him in this can not be compared (in 100 g of rose hips contains 1.2 g of vitamin C), it is much more than black currants or lemon.Among other items it contains and antioxidants, which are able to exert a powerful strengthening effect on the immune system and antibacterial action if necessary.With this brier often used to control various colds, and as a prevention of the latter.For this purpose can be brewed as berries of this plant and its leaves.
Harvesting should be carried out with the end of summer and the end of September.Collect berries need not all, but only those that are ripe.It
is necessary to reject the solid and overripe berries, the fruit must be sufficiently soft and spoiled.The presence of dark spots and undesirable.When the charge is made, it must be dried berries, and it is important to know how to do it.In no case they should not be dried in the sun-dried berries thus almost entirely lose their useful properties.Drying in the shade is possible, but with her many vitamins will be irretrievably lost.Correctly dried fruit in an oven or in a special drying intended for vegetables.You should also know that berries are suitable for use only the first two years, after this period it is better not to eat.Dried berries are stored in bags made of cloth, so they do not spoil.Cooking rosehips can be different: you can fill it with cold water and boil, but you can brew in a thermos.
Regardless of how you intend to brew rose, it must first go through.Remove all spoiled berries, for example, covered with a layer of mold.Selected hips washed in water and then put 1 tbsp.l.berries in a wooden mortar and there is ground them (do not use metal utensils for this purpose).Next frayed berries pour a glass of boiling water and boil on low heat for 10 minutes.For this it is impossible to use aluminum or stainless steel cookware, in contact with these metals Vitamin C tends to disintegrate.Ready broth is poured into a glass jar and insisted day, before drinking his strained through cheesecloth.
can be used and a completely different method of infusion of rose hips, it steaming method of berries in a thermos .If the berries are brewed this way, they do not need to grind as they steam and give nutrients infusion.It is also not necessary to strain the berries, they just poured into a glass container.But this method of brewing rosehip this should be done every day since the day after the infusion becomes unfit for drinking.The infusion is prepared from evening, rosehip berries should not be in a thermos for more than 8 hours, otherwise all the vitamins begin to disintegrate.
If you need to get the most rich broth beneficial vitamins and trace elements, the brew rose hip the following recipe.Dried rose hips need to chop, then pour boiling water and infuse for half an hour.After that, the broth is poured and boiled rose hips a little longer last.Before use, strain the broth and mix with the previously drained infusion.This approach turns the drink rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C.
broth hips need to drink 3-4 times a day for adults (1/2 cup) and 1/3 cup 2-3 times of the children.Also, broth hips able to remove toxins from the body, which also significantly improves health.