How to cook the sugar syrup?

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
03 June 2016

Everyone knows that sugar syrup - is the most popular confectionery additive, which is used for creams, impregnating caramelization, as well as jam or jelly or jam different.Each hostess their secret of making the syrup, however, there are a few rules that you must know.

So, the average cooking takes 30 minutes, and the proportions of ingredients, which, by the way, for a classic syrup only two, taken in the ratio of one to one.Well, there is one ingredient is not entirely, but rather a necessary attribute of the cooking - is a container with a thick bottom, ideally, is a pan or wok.

Take as you need sugar and pour him the same amount of water.Required fluid mix that will protect against rapid burning of sugar in water.Put the pan on the fire.It should not be very strong or very weak.Ideal - when the container is positioned so that one edge of its more heat and the other weaker (to achieve such an effect can be achieved by biasing the pan side plates).This solution will easily remove sugar foam on th

e liquid after boiling.

syrup went to the right, the liquid must be constantly interfere, otherwise you can get the yellow mixture with sugar crystals.Once the mixture boils, remove the foam, and then be sure to wipe the inside edges of the container with a damp cloth (it should be wet in the icy water) it will remove the grains of sugar, which can then be heated and bitterness, which will lead to its otvalivaniyu from the walls and getting into the syrup.

After the sugar is dissolved (total volume) of the pan can be put in the normal position and boil down the syrup until the desired consistency, by the way, hinder it is no longer necessary.

To be sure exactly in the right state of syrup, it is necessary to conduct tests.For this purpose, a cup of ice water, which dip spoon and then it slightly scoop syrup.The liquid is lowered into the water and after a few minutes, take out bead.The behavior of the ball after a contraction sugar give a complete picture of syrup, for example, it can be drawn into strands, or it is sufficiently thick to sweets or cake decorating.

Incidentally, after the complete dissolution of the sugar syrup nothing can be omitted, otherwise, the liquid may become turbid or even come in whom that spoil syrup.If decided to crystallize fruit syrup, it is only after the foam is completely removed with the liquid.

way, many bakers recommend using syrup sugar pieces.This will remove the foam easier.

worth noting that the syrup can be cooked not only sugar, but also with any juice or supplements important to know exactly when to add them.