Cleaning the liver sorbitol

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 May 2016
This cleansing the liver stimulates choleretic effect, and sorbitol, soaking up the stagnant bile, removes it from the body.Cleaning the liver for a long time it has been successfully practiced in the medical, scientific, or its name dyubazh tyubazh.Depending on the source can apply a particular name.
What do I need to have for cleaning?
Before cleaning, you must have a medical sugar, also known as sorbitol and a heating pad.Medical from ordinary sugar characterized in that it is not the presence of glucose.Sorry clean enough sorbitol one package, you can buy it at any pharmacy without a prescription.The use of electric heaters instead of the usual expedient because it will maintain a constant temperature.
As should be clean?
procedure should be carried out strictly on an empty stomach, otherwise the desired effect should be expected.In hot water (100 g) was dissolved 2-3 tbsp.l.sorbitol and drink slowly.The water should be hot, but in no case do not burn the throat.After the need t
o drink water to lie on your right side and put a heating pad on the liver.Who knows - the liver is on the right just below the ribs.Lying in this position you need a couple of hours, at which time you can watch TV, read, talk on the phone.
Not on your nelly not perform such a procedure while sitting, as under such circumstances the body of bile ducts are pressed, and it will be unable to move.
After a couple of hours cleaning will have the desired effect, and you pull into the toilet.Bile together with the slag out of the body, and you after a while will feel easier.But do not hurry anywhere on their business, as there can be repeated urge the body.It is best to carry out this cleaning at the weekend, knowing that do not need to go anywhere.
But happens and so, that the urge to a chair does not occur at all.This means that your body is resistant to sorbitol, and does not react to it.In this case, it should be replaced by another means-tested - egg yolks.It is necessary to drink 2-3 whipped yolks (without any additives) and repeat all the steps that have been described above.
And do not fear that eaten egg yolks increase the level of cholesterol in the body, it will not happen.Cholesterol is increased as a result of improper diet, not once eaten from the egg yolk.So you can safely apply the egg yolk with the purpose of cleaning and are not afraid of any trouble.
In rare cases, the use of sorbitol or yolk has only a slight laxative effect, and the chair is quite meager.This does not mean that the cleaning procedure did not give proper result, a portion of the bile and waste stuck in the intestines and there need to be removed with an enema.After an enema you should feel better as all the bile leaves the body.
Sometimes, as a result of such cleaning may appear slight dizziness or weakness in the body.Do not worry about this, just drink sweet tea with sugar and a little lie down to rest.This state is only the first cleaning in the future of this is not observed.
liver cleansing should be done once a week (1.5-2 months in a row, it is a complete course of treatment) and after the course twice a year is sufficient to repeat the cleaning procedure.