Why itchy ears?

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 May 2016
not often, but sometimes it may be an unpleasant itching in the ear, or even inside it.Simply scratching does not relieve the unbearable itching sensations, and the use of cotton swabs for scratching inside can lead to some problems.The very appearance of the itch is a natural reaction of the body to external sources of irritation.This can be a bile salt and histamine, or other stimuli.
Itching occurs on the nerve endings of the skin cover and passed through a chain of relationships of the central nervous system.One of the mediators in the process histamine, it generalizes all signals organism.And so to relieve the symptoms of itching should take antihistamines.
the basis of itching may lie electrical, chemical, mechanical or thermal nature.Irritation equally affects both domestic pain receptors and related closure nerves.Itch receptors are found only in the top cover of the skin, they are completely absent in the joints, muscles and all internal organs.The cause of the itch are hormonal disorder
s in the body, sweat, allergies, dry skin, and so on. D.
The moment when you start to feel the itching in the ears, should immediately stop to clean the ears of the sulfur formed in them.Sulfur itself is a habitat for beneficial microorganisms and protects the skin against various fungi and pathogens.
cleaning ears with cotton sticks is undesirable for several reasons.Firstly, such cleaning may damage the internal structure of the ear and bring the skin disease organisms that can cause inflammation.Secondly, rather than the use of rods cleans ear wax, and it tamps creating more dense sulfuric plug.
also cause provoke itching may be the variety of parasites.In person they can go through the animals.If you in the ear from time to time there is a feeling that there is someone crawls, you notice small red or point of feeling pain, then you should not delay to seek medical advice.
Sometimes itching is a result of changes in the trophic vascular or diabetes.This problem occurs most often in people of advanced age.You can alleviate these problems with the help of ear candles with propolis, but they have the right to appoint a doctor.