Pine nuts: benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 May 2016
About extraordinarily valuable medicinal properties of this nut is known for a long time, the first time it is mentioned, Avicenna.These properties have attracted the attention and the first Russian settlers who began to settle in Siberia.They are used to treat many diseases, not only kernels, but also shells and even the bark and needles of the tree.Who made out of cedar nuts cedar oil, which is highly valued in medicine.
The structure of the nut includes many vitamins and minerals necessary for a person.In particular vitamin A is responsible for the development and growth of the child's body, vitamin B1, is responsible for the metabolic processes in the body, vitamin B2, restoring eyesight, vitamin B3, improves the functioning of the stomach and intestines, and vitamin E stimulates the muscle tissue of the body.Also in the present nut titanium, sodium, zinc, cobalt, silver, and shell high content of amino acids and tannins.
What is the use of walnut.
is primarily cedar oil, which is wide
ly used in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.It can strengthen the immune system, it is very good for diseases of the stomach and intestines.The day is recommended to take oil three times 1 hr. Liter.before eating.
for colds oil is used for instillation into the nose, and skin diseases it is made special packs.
In poor potency recommend eating pine nuts, a small handful of once a day.Stomach ulcers are treated crushed nuts mixed with honey, eat 1 hr. Liter.before meals.
Nuts underlie the production of many therapeutic drugs for arthritis, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, gout, blood disorders, and hemorrhoids.
Besides medicine cedar oil is widely used in the cosmetic field.It is part of many creams for the face and hands, deodorant has a bactericidal action, it is present in some toothpastes!
Harm pine nuts.
Do not give peanuts to small children, because they can get into the child's airway.Due to the excessive consumption of nuts in your mouth may feel bitter, but it's not terrible.Also, bust nuts can cause irritation of the mucous membranes in the throat and mouth.To avoid this, eat no more than 1/3 cup of nuts a day.
You should also know that cedar oil to be produced by cold pressing, or pressing.If another method of manufacturing the oil has almost no useful properties, so be sure to verify before buying what method it was manufactured.
Eat only whole and healthy nuts, then you only receive one benefit from them!