Itchy spots on the body

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 May 2016
Sometimes there are little-known but very common skin problems.One of those is the appearance of skin pigmentation unclear who besides itching.
Always, even the slightest changes in the skin, pay attention to this problem.After all, sometimes patches on the skin can be caused by allergies, illness, indicate hormonal imbalance in the body.
In most cases, it is an allergy, and is the source of these spots.If only spots appear periodically, and also suddenly disappear, it means that you have the allergic reaction to a drug or food.Also, an allergic reaction can occur for other reasons, such as spring pollen, or animal dander.Besides the spots look very unattractive, they are also a source of constant and unbearable itching.
But even if the allergy is rarely seen, it certainly should be treated.Now medicine is at a high level and in the free market is always a sufficiently large number of anti-allergy agents.The most effective in this area is considered to be "Tavegil" and "Suprastin", but before
you start taking the drug, you need to understand the cause of the itching.There are cases when the cause is common foods such as bread, nuts, chocolate, honey, or in the wrong balanced diet.But does not solve the problem yourself, be sure to consult your doctor.
often cause stains on the body are a constant stress and tension.In this case, refer to the neurologist, it will help solve this problem.Usually in such cases, doctors are advised to take sedatives and temper your nerves.But if you can not go to the appointment with a neurologist, try to drink valerian tincture or Leonurus.If the mentioned drugs do not give the desired effect, then try the "Persian" or "New Pass".
All these symptoms may be signs of ringworm, but spots in this disease also shelled.If you suspect you this disease, without delay, contact a doctor (dermatologist).The sooner you get help, the easier it will be to cope with the disease.In addition, the disease is contagious and you easily can unknowingly infect their friends and acquaintances, or even strangers to you people.Not even worth trying to self-medicate, that is not the case, and not the disease.Often used to treat the disease, "clotrimazole," it is well suppresses signs of ringworm.
itching spots, and may indicate the presence of viral or fungal disease.The pharmacies have a wide range of tools for the treatment of these diseases, which can be used both outside and inside the body.
also made patches can be psoriasis or eczema, psoriasis cure "Psoriatenom" and eczema "Iricar."The basis of these drugs make vegetable substances, so no harm from them will not be.In the event that the cause could not be established immediately, you can use the "Fenistil".This cream has a calming effect and is well relieves itching.But in any case, a visit to the doctor should be your first priority.