Bruises on the body for no reason

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 May 2016
If you suddenly appeared bruises on the body, and you do not know what was the cause of their appearance, but does not believe that the physical causes, then you direct road to the nearest hospital.Even completely ignorant in human medicine is quite clear that for this there can be a serious health problem.
list of possible causes is really extensive.Bruises on the body may appear as a consequence of intractable or even incurable diseases.For example, it may be symptoms of varicose veins, poor circulation and blood clotting, vascular fragility, vasculitis, lack of platelets.Also cause bruising may be uneven and irregular physical activity, hormonal imbalance in the body, long-term use of drugs (depressants, aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs).These formulations impede blood clotting, resulting in bruising and appear on the body.
There is a theory that the bruises that occur in the body are the result of a lack of certain vitamins in the body.Particularly shortage of vitamins C, D, K can lead to exc
essive vascular fragility, resulting in bruising and is on the body.
But in order to find out the real reason you need to go to the hospital and undergo the necessary tests and deliver the necessary analyzes.It can dispel your fears, or on the contrary, to confirm them.Bruises can appear as a result of the common vitamin deficiency, and may be the first symptom of a serious disease!
reasons bruising set through coagulation and blood.Both directions gives the doctor a hematologist.
In the event that the problem is a lack of vitamins, you will help make up for this lack of vitamin complexes containing vitamin E, C, and K. In addition, the high content of these vitamins have: blackberry, rose hips, apricots, cherries, leafy green vegetables, citrus, seaweed, egg yolk, soybean oil.You can also take bio-complexes, which include rutin, ascorbic acid, hesperidin.
But if the terrible assumption is justified and you will find one of the most serious diseases, then you have to take the full course of treatment under the constant supervision of an experienced physician.In this situation, the earlier you asked for help, the better.At an earlier stage where the disease easier to treat than advanced.
Be attentive to their health and do not ignore alarms of the body, which allows you to understand the existing problems!