How do you get hepatitis C?

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11 May 2016
course, heard about this disease every person, even schoolchildren.But that's how it is possible to pick up a disease of the liver knows very few people.And in vain, it is much easier to prevent infection than to fight with the disease!
This disease is more dangerous than many others for a number of reasons, primarily due to its difficult detection.Even experienced professionals do not always have time to time to identify hepatitis C, in the early stages.Statistical data even more sad - more than 60% of cases of acute forms become chronic illness.In the early stages of the disease is very similar to some other diseases, it further complicates its detection.In medical circles it even dubbed "the tender murderer!"
Over the past ten years the number of cases of all forms of hepatitis has increased very significantly compared to earlier statistics.Now all the world for more than 170 million people are sick with the disease.Doctors also point out the fact that in most cases, young people are ill with
hepatitis C, although in recent years this figure has risen slightly age.According to the same data each year 4 million people fall ill with the disease worldwide.Experts in this field point out that it is important to know not only how the disease is transmitted, and what preventive measures can help you to not catch it!
How is hepatitis C?
most common mode of transmission of this disease is a hematogenic parenteral method.If, however, expressed public language, hepatitis C is transmitted through blood of an infected person healthy.How could cause contamination easy to guess, it can occur through blood transfusions, with prick tattoos, piercings when they do.You can also become infected through a razor blade, if you use a toothbrush with a sick person, through a variety of manicure equipment.It happens that a person becomes infected in the dental office, but this only happens if the staff of the facility does not comply with the basic rules of hygiene.And, of course, often ill with hepatitis drug addicts who share needles at all.
Can a sexually transmitted disease?
This method of transmission is possible, but the risk of such transmission is extremely low.Doctors have concluded that sexual contact without a condom (not protected) risk is only 3-5%.Therefore, as a preventive measure is recommended to always use a condom!
possible to transfer from the mother to her child?
similar risk of transmission exists, but it is also very small.Approximately 5% of children are born sick or become infected when passing child birth canal.Also, if there are cracks in the mother's breast, doctors definitely recommend artificial feeding.
How is the virus infection in the home?
People with hepatitis should not isolate themselves and do not need to be afraid.Because the virus is not transmitted by airborne droplets.You can not be afraid of contracting hepatitis B by shaking hands, hugging, through a single dish, in conversation.The disease is transmitted only through blood, there is a risk of exposure to trauma, abrasions, cuts the skin.
to an increased risk include:
- addicts who share needles;
- patients who are on hemodialysis;
- children born to mothers of patients;
- physicians working in this field;
- people who are promiscuous lifestyle.
To establish sick or not you pass a blood test for antibodies, but an accurate diagnosis is established only after a complex survey of infectious disease.