Brewing dill water?

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 May 2016
plant itself belongs to the family and is an umbrella ether Pancake plant.It is an annual, but has many substances that have a calming, analgesic, diuretic, expectorant and a laxative effect.Dill is well removes toxins from the body and stops the fermentation process.Its essential oils are used in confectionery, perfumes, cosmetics and food industry.Dill is also a good antiseptic, it is made tinctures, powders and decoctions for the treatment of many diseases.
brewing dill water except the seeds of the plant you will also need: peel apples, hop cones, leaves raspberry, milk and currant leaves.
Application dill water has on the body mild action, for this reason, and it is used to treat digestive problems in young children and older children.It should take one hour. L.fennel seeds (crushed) and to make a glass of boiling water.Then wrap the glass for one hour so that the water present.After cooling water filter and give your child one hour. L.three times a day.Older children provide for one hour.
L.six times per day.After 15-20 minutes of intestinal cramps subside.
lactating mothers in order to enhance lactation are also encouraged to make dill water.It is prepared by the following recipe: take one item.l.crushed seed and pour one cup of boiling water.Insist at least two hours, take half a cup twice a day in small sips, while trying to retain water longer in the mouth.
dill water can also be used for flushing the eyes.To do this, take one item.l.crushed seeds of the plant and pour a glass of water, cook on low heat for ten minutes.Then cooled and filtered, and ready to pour the broth into a prepared tray.Eyes were washed 2-3 times during the day and every time prepare a fresh broth.
very useful to rejuvenate and maintain the body in good shape following broth.It is necessary to take one hour. L.hop leaves, raspberries, currants and one item.l.dry apple peel and fennel seeds.Pour all of this with one liter of water and put on a small fire and cook for ten minutes.After that, the broth cooled, filtered and taken one glass in the morning and evening on an empty stomach.Drink the broth can be 4-5 times a year for one month.
also dill water is used for the treatment of enuresis.For this half art.l.fennel boiled water and insist three hours a warm place.Infusion should be taken after a meal within one week.This tool is a radical way to treat enuresis.
For the treatment of anemia this recipe approach: one item.l.Seeds, crushed into powder, brewed in a glass of milk and boil on low heat for ten minutes.Cooled and taken all glass equal portions three times per day.