How not to get infected with chickenpox?

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 May 2016
Almost all of us had been ill with the disease in childhood, and is known to suffer from chickenpox once.But what about the people who make up the small minority of people who have not had chickenpox as a child?The risk of infection is very high, if at this moment your child is sick with chickenpox.
Chickenpox is a viral acute illness, it is transmitted by airborne droplets.In other words, the risk of infection is almost equal to 100% if you are a sick person with chickenpox in the same room.In order to catch not need a lot of time, a few minutes is sufficient even without direct contact.Quite often infected and those who are in the neighboring areas.The virus is able to penetrate and to the floor, but the risk of infection is not as likely.The only reliable protection against infection - this specific immunity, which appears as a consequence of early myocardial disease.In rare cases it is possible and re-infection, although immunity is lifelong, it is because of heavy immune deficiency may weaken a
nd the disease can again enter the body.
Chickenpox often ill children who are an average of five to ten years.The disease occurs at them without any problems, which can not be said of those adult men who develop chickenpox.So if you had the disease in childhood, you can consider yourself lucky.
How to avoid infection with chickenpox?
have chickenpox incubation period is 21 days, so if at the end of this period, since the contact you're not sick varicella, then you are lucky enough.But whatever it was you still worth a visit infectious disease physician, who will advise you on this issue.Also, the doctor will give you the necessary recommendations how to reduce the risk of infection and prescribe you a prophylactic treatment.
of the medications usually prescribed Viferon, Acyclovir, Arbidol, TSikloferon and prescribed vitamin C.
Supplementation does not guarantee you 100% protection against the disease, but even if you get sick, the disease will flow much easier.Of course, the treatment may appoint a doctor, but still give a couple of examples of treatment:
- acyclovir (400 mg).Take 4 times a day 1 tablet.The course of treatment 21 days.
- Reception Cycloferon.Take one week to 5 tablets during the day.
Some countries also use the vaccine against the virus.Its potential is administered to the patient within three days after the first contact with a carrier of the virus.We are not using it, because Russian experts believe that its use is justified only in cases of pregnant women and children have decompensated forms of diseases.
also want to reiterate that chickenpox is a dangerous viral disease, not less than 5% of cases are complications.The greatest risk of getting there in the first and last weeks of the disease.But those who have acquired immunity to fear is not worth it!