How much alcohol is held in the body?

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 May 2016
Almost all who regularly drink alcoholic beverages do not even know how long the presence of alcohol in the body, and what impact it has on him.
Alcohol is a poison, this discovery is not a property of modern science.Yet three centuries ago, was established this simple truth is, alcohol is a neurotropic protoplasmic poison.It affects the body gradually, at first sight unobtrusive.Failure occurs at the molecular level, destroy the structure of cells and organs.First, alcohol absorbed into the blood, and through it falls everywhere.
accepted to allocate three periods of action of ethanol: absorption phase, the phase of oxidation and elimination phase.The very first phase (suction) begins already during the use of alcohol, and it continues as long as ethanol does not reach the maximum possible concentration in the blood.After his blood level will reach 90-98% begins the second phase - the selection.What part of alcohol entered will be displayed by the body through saliva, urine, sweat, Cullen, and i
n exhaled air.Alcohol in this phase is displayed in the body completely changed form during 8-12 hours.Gradually, the total concentration of alcohol in the blood decreases and the phase of oxidation.The remaining alcohol is oxidized into water and carbon dioxide, which is still a very long time in the body.But in some organs and systems of the alcohol is delayed much longer, it is the nervous and reproductive system.And the longer the ethanol they delayed, the greater the harm to obtain these functional systems of the body.
say exactly how long delayed alcohol in the blood, can not even an expert in this field.It depends on many factors, primarily on the individual characteristics of the person.For example, at this rate it affects body weight, sex, how much was consumed, the degree of alcohol, the functioning of internal organs.The less your body weight, the longer the alcohol withdrawal.So if you drink alcohol a woman, he will come out of the body by 20% of the time longer than the male body.Of course, if you were drinking brandy or vodka, the alcohol will be displayed longer than if drank champagne.Alcohol depends the work of many organs of the body, such as the excretory system, lungs, liver - because it is through them and alcohol withdrawal.Where the 10% go through sweat and exhaled air, the remaining 90% of the liver processes.To avoid intoxication is recommended to take a sorbent prior to the feast or event.Just drink activated charcoal prior to the holiday and the next day you'll be spared many of the problems associated with a hangover!
Let us now try to understand what alcoholic drinks linger in the body longer than others.As stated above, the stronger the drink, the longer it stays in the blood and organs.Accordingly, various alcoholic beverages, beer, cocktails are displayed faster by the body than the stronger.Although the harm caused to the body by doctors beer is equated to that of vodka.This is due to the fact that beer is drunk a lot more than hard liquor.Even this amount of alcohol consumed has a detrimental effect on the organs and result in long-term use of beer in unlimited quantities is "ox heart".This is the heart of sprawling in the amount of more than usual, also increases the number of muscle contractions.The result is the appearance of arrhythmias and increasing the pressure.From drinking whiskey, brandy or vodka for a time blocked the gastric valve, but half an hour later, everything comes back to normal.
If exact figures bring the alcohol concentration in various organs, they look like this: liver 1.45, 1.75 in the brain, in the cerebrospinal fluid - 1.50.It should also be noted that the poison tends to accumulate in all organs.