How to reduce the acidity of the stomach?

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 May 2016
increased acidity in the stomach is extremely unpleasant thing.It is the cause of heartburn, regurgitation and temporary indigestion.At the same time you feel heaviness in the stomach, unpleasant pain.But the most unpleasant thing is that may develop gastritis or gastric ulcer.
To reduce acidity, you will need: white clay, wormwood, potato juice, chamomile flowers, thyme, oregano, fennel seeds.
Well reduces acidity in the stomach potato juice, but only freshly prepared.It should take a couple of large potatoes, wash and clean them, then grate.The mass is to obtain the necessary squeeze through cheesecloth, folded in two layers.As a result, you should have 3/4 cup of potato juice.Take on an empty stomach in the morning half an hour before a meal.Upon receiving the half hour lie on his back.Duration of treatment was three weeks.
Also nice lowers the acidity of gastric juice and white clay, but only pharmacy.Dissolve in 1 cup of water (boiled) for 1 hour. L.clay, drink twice a day before meal
s.The course of this treatment is 14 days.
fairly effective means of chamomile broth.Boiling water (200 ml) pour 1 tbsp.l.its flowers, boiled for five minutes and insist 4:00.Before applying the filter, take 4 times a day for 2 tablespoons.l.broth before eating.
good tool for this purpose is and dill water.Put in a thermos 1 tbsp.l.crushed seeds of this plant, and fill with boiling water (300 ml).Insist three hours three times a day taken with 100 ml two hours before the start of a meal.
Mix 2/4 to 1/4 of Chamomile seeds of cumin and oregano 1/4.Take 2 tbsp.l.such a charge and fill it with half a liter of boiled water, overnight.Take necessary 4 times a day for 100 ml.
also is very good and wormwood.Pour boiling water (200 ml) for 1 hour. L.dry sagebrush and infuse for half an hour.Take three times a day for 1 st.l.brew for half an hour before meals.
Excessive acidity can cause diseases such as gastroduodenitis, stomach ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease, duodenal ulcer, gastritis, and so on. D. In order to successfully deal with these diseases, and even more so to prevent their occurrence, should be monitoredthe level of pH in the stomach.It must not be higher than 4.0 for a minimum of 16 hours per day.
No less important is proper nutrition.Eliminate from your diet all fried, marinated, spicy, smoked.Also, try to eat as little as possible of acidic fruits and berries.