It lays an ear for colds

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 May 2016
With the ears we perceive all surrounding sounds, but what is a pinna.The hole in the ear - is the auditory canal, under which there is a special tube, which serves as the beginning of the eardrum.The very thin membrane is a connective membrane enclosing ear canal from the cavity.We all have heard, and perhaps we, the parents themselves, once punished as a child not to be picked in the ear canal, and especially not to stick to foreign objects.But what happens if during the cold lays his ear?
First swollen mucous membranes and Evstafieva pipe, then completely laid nose and deteriorating hearing.At the same time the patient may experience a long aching.Gradually, the inflammatory process extends and reaches the middle ear.In rare cases, there is pus, accompanied by a crash in the ears, and severe pain.Even after removing the cause of the common cold, the pain continues for some time, but the rumor is recovering slowly.
What to do in such cases?
In that case, if the ear is incorporated, but n
ot pus is released, you need good legs to hover and perform daily hot compress.To do this, moistened cotton swab to 1-2% salicylic alcohol and wipe them ear canal.Do this very carefully, but at the end of the ear is plugged with a piece of cotton wool.Such procedures shall be held within three weeks.
But if pus is gone, then this method is not applicable.In such situations, it is recommended to put fitosvechi this candle made of ash and wax.But with such a high probability of spark plugs ear, get rid of that, you can just by washing your ears.
In such cases, doctors are required to advise vysmarkatsya instead of constantly sniffing.This is explained quite simply, because of the frequent sniff bacteria only distributed in Evstafieva pipe and this slows down the healing process.Recommend doing the washing nasal saline or saline, but as was noted, such washing is eluted from the nose and useful antibodies, which also contributes to the speedy amendment.