The yellow plaque on the teeth

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 May 2016
At all times, beautiful teeth are the key to success, sociability with people makes you much more attractive and beautiful smile stressed.Often, a beautiful smile with yellow teeth spoil the bloom, but this unpleasant fact spoils not only smile, but also your mood.Get rid of the plaque can be yellow or WAP.
First of all, when the personal oral hygiene, use toothpaste with whitening properties.These pastes actually has a positive result, but you need to buy real paste, not a fake.These pastes are sold in pharmacy and dental services.This paste should be used only 1 month every six months, and at other times use a regular toothpaste.
When brushing your teeth, use a brush with stiff bristles, so you will struggle with intense yellow coating, but this brush should not be used continuously, there is a risk to damage the tooth enamel, which can not be recovered.
before brushing 1 once a week brushing your teeth with the help of soda, only three minutes cleaning.Do traffic light and light is pressed
to avoid damaging the enamel.Immediately after the procedure, use toothpaste.
Instead of soda, you can use activated carbon.Do not worry that your teeth during cleaning will be black, because after you clean coal cleaned ordinary toothpaste, and everything will fall into place.Ream tablet of activated charcoal and put a pinch of coal on the brush.This cleaning should also be performed 1-2 times a week.
Eat more carrots and apples.Hard fruits and vegetables help you to develop the jaw and keep teeth white.If a day to eat at least one apple, the yellowing of the teeth and the appearance of stones at them you will forget.So take it for a rule.
If you love coffee and smoke, you need to produce professional cleaning.This is not the whitening is a simple cleaning.With the help of ultrasound with the doctor cleans your teeth stones, and you get a neat teeth, besides the tooth enamel is not damaged, and little white teeth.Refer to the dentist at least one time a year for teeth cleaning.Bleaching, on the contrary, spoil the enamel, and eventually you stop supporting it, and in addition you will get a toothache and can not enjoy the hot and cold dishes.