How to remove the smell of fume?

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 May 2016
Many people wonder how to get rid of the fume, asit is not pleasant to others and often to themselves.Some of it is very busy, and at his other almost unheard of.
fumes is a secondary issue, the primary cause lies in the stomach.After a good night out with friends, and after a lot of drinking alcohol you need to rid your stomach from stale there aldehydes.There are many ways to get rid of them, but you just learn the most effective and simple.
first most proven and effective it is to use plenty of brine.It is best to have on hand pickle cabbage, except that he will save you from fume, so he also can help you get rid of the hangover and a terrible headache.
Another way of getting rid of the fume is the use of milk.The milk contains enzymes that absorb toxins and aldehydes derive from your body in a natural way.It is best to use rustic milk, it will help, but if not, feel free to drink milk from the store.
parsley Eat more, eat cereal, best oatmeal.Citrus products are well save you from this
abominable smell fume.
Drink plenty of liquids, they will withdraw aldehydes, and you get rid of the fume.In the morning, start drinking green tea, tea can add a bit of sage.Do yourself a fresh juice, juice also help remove harmful substances.Drink mineral water.All these drinks are struggling with the first cause of fume.
It will be very nice if all the above methods, you add a morning jog for 15 minutes and long douche.It will give you all the vigor and tone your body.
If all these methods do not have time for various reasons, you can also get rid of the fume or reduced for a short period of time.
Surely everyone in the kitchen you can find coffee beans, nutmeg or walnut, bay leaf and sunflower oil.You need to use these products individually.Chew each ingredient carefully and in sequence, after the use of mouth rinse well with warm water.Even it will be very helpful to rinse your mouth dental solution and brush your teeth with mint toothpaste.Before going out, start refreshing mint chewing gum.