Diet for gastric erosion

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 May 2016
People who doctors have diagnosed "the erosion of the stomach," you must carefully observe prescribe diet.So people of the diet and the main task is to reduce the activity of gastric juice in the stomach.In order not to aggravate their condition need to eat food gentle and follow three simple guidelines.
recommendation №1. You need to give up foods that contain coarse and fibrous tissue, in a list of products includes radishes, turnips, cereals, bread, bran, turnip and stringy meat, still need to give up fried foods and cooking products.
Recommendation №2. The recommendation to eat less than you need products that are able to excite gastric secretion and the production of gastric juice.This list of products includes all alcoholic drinks, fruit with citrus, any soda, any coffee, white cabbage, black bread and strong broth.
Recommendation №3. Avoid eating very hot and cold food.These two states of food greatly irritates your stomach, and also very cold food remains in the stomach, asimmediate
ly begins to digest.
If you follow these three recommendations, you will be much easier to live with your diagnosis, your stomach will be less likely to bother as there is a possibility of full or partial recovery from erosion of the stomach.The main advantage of diet is a good body shape.Subject to the diet, you will be able to improve the appearance of your body, and all this not eating fatty foods, baked goods, soft drinks you manage to lose a few kilos.