How to withdraw toxins from the body?

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 May 2016
to remove toxins from our body are engaged in internal organs, such as kidneys, liver, lymph nodes and skin and intestines.In past centuries the people of this do not even wonder, do all their body.In the present day we eat large amounts of emulsifiers, preservatives, carcinogens, dyes, stabilizers and flavor enhancers.Our body itself is unable to cope with the amount of harmful substances.We need to help your body, otherwise we begin to emerge allergies, headaches, and many other unpleasant diseases.
To display salt deposits and also improve the condition of the bones, joints, muscles need to eat bay leaf .Take 300 grams of boiling water and add the crushed bay leaves, about 5 grams, then put on low heat and simmer for 10 minutes.Just pour the prepared solution in the flask and allow to stand it for 4 hours.This broth drink for 3 days, drink the broth 1 spoon during these 3 days.Try between doses of 1 teaspoon to make the same amount of time.After 3 days of admission, the course stop, after a week
's break, you can repeat the course.
When used meltwater toxins from the body is well displayed by the body.The fact that the melt water is similar to the fluid that is in the body.Melt water can cook for themselves.Fill the container with water convenient tap and place it in the freezer.Periodically check the contents of the container when it will thin long icicles, you need to remove them from there, and pour the contents into another container, and again put in the freezer.When the ice will be completely ready, you need to separate the clean from the muddy slurry of ice, pure ice when you need to defrost and use as a drink.Keep this water no more than three days.
slag can be derived using rice , but not normal, and round such rice has a crystal lattice, and after being soaked from it all the starch is washed out, and grains of rice recesses appear in the form of cells.Such rice cells is not digested in the stomach and into the intestine, where in all cell drawn rice slag.
The empty container, add just enough rice spoons, how old you are now.After a good wash it and pour boiled cold water, cover with a lid and container, remove to a night in the fridge.Every morning, the water from the rice should be drained out and take 1 tablespoon rice and begin to cook it for 4 minutes without the addition of salt.Cooked rice drink until 7:30 am, and the remaining rice must be boiled again, pour cold water and put into the refrigerator.This procedure is carried out every morning, until the rice is completely over.
Any purifications not need to spend more than 2 times a year.Thus while cleansing the body of toxins you need to drink plenty of water.