How to keep the tulips in the winter?

By Admin | Magic Plants
18 May 2016

Tulips are early flowers bloom.They begin to be among the first to delight us with its flowering in the spring.But that they bloom in the coming year, they need to dig out of the ground and be able to save over the long winter.Tulips Store is easy, important to know how to do it right.

To prepare tulip bulbs for storage, need cardboard or wooden boxes, and a solution of potassium permanganate.

To simplify the task of harvesting tulip bulbs for the winter, is recommended as a place to celebrate the flowering tulips.When removing the bulbs should be extremely cautious, as they tend to delve deeply enough into the soil and can be damaged by careless removal.

When tulip withered, it should be cut.In such cases it is necessary to remove the seed box to prevent seed formation starts, as it will pull tulip vitality and as a result, the bulb can not fully develop.

best time to extract the tulip is the one time when their leaves begin to turn yellow.After a period of blooming tulips is better not to dig, be

cause the bulb does not ripen properly, and this leads to a reduction in flowering for next year.Most early varieties ripen in late June.Tulips dig only in dry and calm weather, for 2-3 days they are placed under the canopy for drying, and then they are cleaned from the ground and separated from the seed.

Then disinfect the bulbs in the manganese solution 30 minutes, then removed and allowed to dry.Dry bulbs are laid in 1-2 rows of boxes and put them in storage.During the first month of the temperature in the room with boxes should be 25 degrees, which is necessary for the proper formation of the kidneys.After the temperature was gradually lowered to 15 degrees.Storage room for tulips should be dark and dry.It is forbidden to take the bulbs out of the box until the arrival of spring.

When collecting tulips important not to miss the right time of collection, otherwise you can not count on a good flowering tulips for next year.